Attract more paying users through the Welcome Bonus technology

LTV growth up to 250%. Retargeting for ones who paid, but discontinued. Certified mediabuyers.

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Welcome Bonus - it is a new technology from WakeApp, which allows game developers to attract more paying users by giving gifts at the entrance to the game: in-game currency, weapons, characters, objects, and others.

Advantages of technology

increases up to 150% compared with
traffic without bonuses
Retention Rate
increases up to 50% on day 7
reaches 200%
* according to the results of research WakeApp

How it works?

1. Future player sees
banner with the bonus

2. Downloads the game

3. Gets used to the high level of the game
and buys bonuses for own money

Formula of your success

Unique technology
High quality traffic
The best mediabuyers
Bonus for the player
- Integration via API-1 day - No changing of the application code
- No re-moderation - Available for iOS и Android
- Retargeting on ones who discontinued - Experiments with online bonuses

examples of banners with bonuses

Full integration with leading tracking systems

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MU Origin

MU Origin

Task: to attract the audience М 15-55, RR day1 < 36%, LVL 50 in the game < 33%

Traffic: myTarget, Facebook

Result: RR day 2 = 45%

1 month
<45k installs
38% RR
Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda

Task: RR day 2 < 35%

Traffic: myTarget

Result: LTV of users who received the bonus is 2 times above than without bonuses.

1 month
25k installations
45% RR


Task: Compare the quality of traffic with and without bonuses and reveal more of the paying audience.

Traffic: myTarget

Bonus for player: 80 ratbucks = $2

Result: LTV of users who received the bonus is 2 times above than without bonuses.

1 week
3370 installations
99% LTV growth
2392,7€ profit