Tips and life hacks to advance to the App Store Top


Before the start of the promotion it is useful to pay attention to key points in the application design in App Store. This design can play an important role to get a large number of attracted organic users. The name should be short and catchy and the icon should cause the desire for the potential audience to download the application immediately.

There is an excellent example of icon’s design of dating application on the left. The demonstrative example with heart image evokes right associations in users right away.

Без заголовка

Screenshot design plays an important role because many users are guided by them at the decision to download the application from the first positions of the App Store Top or not.

In one of the last points, but not least there are reviews about the application. Everything is simple in here: the better the reviews, the more chances that the application will be noticed by very picky and demanding users. Also ordinary users from App Store Top pay attention to ratings and reviews from other users similarly.


And of course – pay attention to the general keywords and description of the application. Remember that WakeApp experts are always ready to give advice about the best design for promoting your application.

A little bit of life hacks to reach the Top


Not so many people know that entering the Top requires staying in Top at least 24 hours. Without fixing the coming to the Top could be a waste of money. Such advertising campaign rarely pays off so the fixing of application in promoting is really necessary. The longer application is held in the first position the greater the increase in traffic can be provided.

In contrast to entering the application to the Top it is required lower traffic due to organic settings gain for holding the application. With luck it may be required quite a bit motivated settings for holding. If the application is successful and found its audience sometimes it can be held on the first positions in the App Store without motivated traffic and this is what we strive constantly.

Not sure which method is more suitable for you? Write to WakeApp personnel and get advice on your application. We are always happy to help.