Applications for Apple Watch – a new trend?

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Before the release of the iPhone and the App Store mobile applications market was very mixed but only because of Apple we see what it is now. In the case of the iPad and the tablet market we can see almost the same situation which is now repeating with smart watch – Apple Watch provides new opportunities for advertisers and application developers.

If Apple Watch will repeat the success of the iPhone or iPad again then every second user will have such device on their hands. Many companies that are leaders in the Apple Store already have the applications for the Apple Watch. Someone is going further and creates applications development studio for Apple Watch like Rovio, for example. It is not known whether such an approach is justified but there are a lot of developers who are interested in application market for Apple Watch.

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I meet and communicate with customers who ask about whether we work in the countries where they sell the Watches to develop their applications on all devices. Considering that the success of the platform is largely determined by the available applications then such interest of developers ensures significant growth of the Apple Watch market. On average there are 10 applications a day in the App Store for Apple Watch now and I think that in a couple of months this number will increase many times. This will mean the beginning of a new era of applications for portable gadgets.


One of the main sources of user monetization in applications is different types of advertising. So Watches advertising communication will gradually draw in larger and larger budgets which are now spent on other channels of promotion. The market potential is huge and it is expected that within a few years it will reach 10-15% of the total market of mobile advertising on the iOS platform.

Now the competition in the applications market for portable devices is minimal and therefore the developers have a great opportunity to find its niche first. Frequently this  is fundamental factor of the of the application success. So do not delay the release of the companion app for Apple Watch. We from our part are going to explore this area actively and stay in trend of new solutions.

Victoria Novitskaya, Business Development Manager WakeApp.