Which App Store Top suits best for the promotion of application?

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Many people want to get on top of the App Store but they don’t know why they need it though some applications don’t need it at all. So what applications need to be moved to the first position of the overall App Store Top?

This method applies only to promote the potential mass products – messenger services, taxi reserving service, all ages games, popular social networks clients and etc. You have a strategy game in Game of War style which is aimed at the hardcore audience? You should pass by the promotion in the overall Top. The best result comes with the certain category.

These features mean that the audience in general App Store Top is corresponding. Most of its representatives want to get something simple and easy and something that is not necessary to understand and read many tutorials. Basically, they more look like usual “bystanders”. They need to get something easy, colorful, casual, and immediately which is important. Here and now. Your application looks like Angry Birds or another timekiller? Congratulations! Such product can get the most positive response from the audience from the general App Store Top! And it fits perfectly for promotion to the first position.

App Store categories – what’s the benefit?

If you realize that your application is not suitable for general App Store Top then you can promote it in the proper category. In this case the potential audience is much more thoughtful and it remains easier and longer in the application.

Promotion to the first place in the App Store category provides a gain of target audience and “thinking” users. Let’s analyze the promotion to the first place in the category by the example of the popular strategy Game of War. The user has made 3 conscious clicks to see the application of this section before he gets to the game in the Top “Strategy” category. If Game of War or another similar products with high-quality screenshots and icon appears on the top of the category in this moment then user will download it with high probability.

As a result, the potential user audience who wants to download the app of the certain type in the first place would be much wider and the cost of promotion in the Top category is much lower.